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One me is, outwardly, moving - on a bike, in yoga, cooking, eating, writing. The other me is, outwardly, still - in yoga, reading, writing, dreaming, creating ways to pass on what I've learned. I'm humbled when, inside, the moving and stillness converge.


The last time I slept really well was in January, 2008 in my mother’s hospital room, a few days before she died. At that time, she was on the mend, ready to go home.  It was a Saturday morning and … Continue reading

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Room For Dessert

Wonder and awe are the desserts of life. The sweet and satisfying rush of an idea, a place, that is more than we had imagined, that we couldn’t have imagined – is just delicious.    It makes slogging through the good-for-you … Continue reading

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We live on a street where stately old oak trees are the norm.  When we bought our house in 1996, we had two such oaks in our front yard.  Unfortunately, two storms, one a thunderstorm that took out one tree … Continue reading

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You can tell a lot about a person by the way he travels.  Take someone I live with.  I’ll call him Harold. Let’s start with the positives.  He can find his way anywhere. I’m pretty sure the GPS is structured … Continue reading

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Ostensibly Oscar

There are two veins in our rich cultural body that are worth noting. First, dysfunctional relationships make great fiction. This is nothing new.  After all, how could the plots move forward if Oedipus realizes his lover is his mother, if … Continue reading

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Damned Lies

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain, adapted from Benjamin Disraeli Today the weather report tells me that it’s 19 degrees, but feels like 15.  Tomorrow, it tells me it’ll be 25 degrees, … Continue reading

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Send. Receive.

Send a message.  Receive a message.  These two steps are the essentials of communication.  If one step breaks down, the communication fails.  But, as any FOT knows, then or now, it ain’t that simple.  I hear a lot of griping … Continue reading

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